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CertiFiber Pro 可提高光纤认证的效率,在两个波长上对两个光纤进行损耗测量只需 3 秒。Taptive 用户界面可简化设定、消除错误并加速故障排除。

  • CommScope’s exclusive SYSTIMAX® link loss calculator
  • Fastest time to certify; two fibers at two wavelengths in three seconds.
  • 符合 ANSI/TIA 和 ISO/IEC 环型通量的合规性要求
  • Future-ready design supports copper certification to Category 8, OTDR testing and inspection.
  • TaptiveTM user interface provides simple, animated guidance to eliminate incorrect reference setup and"negative loss" errors.
  • 便捷的 quad 模块可支持多模和单模损耗测试
  • Extended singlemode distance range to 130k
  • 内置可视化故障定位仪

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